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Nov 09

How Cable Is Looking to Capture Startup Innovation

Tweet After years of relying on home-grown innovation, cable operators are hoping to turn more toward Internet startups to help power new services and products. As cable operators evolve toward Internet-protocol video and Web technologies, they’re eager to draw creative energy from the hundreds of thousands of independent Web and mobile app developers. By contrast, …

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Oct 19

TV for under-2s not good: doctors

Tweet Like 90 percent of US parents, Matthew Sullivan allows his infant daughter and five-year-old son to watch television, videos and sometimes Web-streamed content on his smartphone. He usually limits their screen viewing to just about an hour a day and admits that handing his phone to his 16-month-old daughter so she can watch a …

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Jun 10

India keen on webmail, social networks

Tweet Research from comScore has shown Web-based email and social networks to be key drivers behind Internet use in India. Web-based email usage may have declined globally over the past year, but India’s usage stayed flat over the same period. According to comScore, 78% of the country’s Internet users were using Webmail in March this …

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May 27

Connected TV operators need strategy – quickly

Tweet Research from Capablue is advising those actively looking at connected TV to nail down quickly a robust strategy to take advantage of the potential opportunities even though the industry is in its infancy. The web-tv convergence company believes that fundamentally the connected TV market is evolving rapidly and broadcasters need to pursue flexible strategies …

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May 09

Rise of the Mobile Web

Tweet The use of mobile devices to access the internet is growing by leaps and bounds. What lies behind this surge? afaqs! explores. Some revolutions take place quickly and silently. Take the case of the mobile web – accessing content such as websites, applications, videos and games through internet-connected mobile devices like web-capable mobile handsets …

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