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Sep 06

Broadcast TV still most popular

Tweet People are spending slightly less time watching scheduled broadcast TV, but it is still the most popular format, according to a report by Ericsson ConsumerLab, MarketWatchreports. The report which measures consumer trends across 13 markets, found a slight decrease in broadcast television viewing with 84% watching twice a week or more, compared to 88% …

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Jul 20

Forecasting success: Weather business booming

Tweet Looking out your window for the weather report has long been overtaken by up-to-minute cable television reports, web alerts and mobile phone apps. And if technology evolves as expected, in-car or in-home weather forecasts on a dashboard or fridge will be commonplace. Predicting the weather is big business, and growing. Pelmorex Inc., which owns …

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Jul 11

Connected TV shipments surpass 13.8 crore in 2015

Tweet According to the Display Search Q2 11 Quarterly TV Design and Features report, connected TV shipments will exceed 13.8 crore units in 2015, accounting for 47 per cent of all flat panel TVs shipped. In 2011, more than 25 per cent of all flat panel TVs shipped are expected to have some form of …

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Jun 13

Trade Marks And Copyright 2011

Tweet Since President Obama took over office in 2008 , he instated the first United States intellectual property enforcement coordinator, Victoria A. Espinel . She reports directly to the president and the united states congress concerning copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property issues, and works with an array of federal agencies such as the Justice …

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May 23

No One Wants 3D TV

Tweet Technology analyst Ovum has released a report on the state of 3D TV programming around the world, saying that broadcasters are uninterested in investing in the expertise and technology required to create 3D programming. This means the amount of 3D programming on TV in some parts of the world is unlikely to increase in …

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