Nov 22

2012 Hillman Prize Nominations

The Sidney Hillman Foundation is now accepting nominations and submissions for the 2012 Hillman Prizes that honor investigative journalism and commentary in service of the common good. The 2012 prizes will be given for work produced, published, broadcast, or exhibited in 2011.

This year’s categories are as follows:

1. Book (bound volumes and ebooks)

2. Newspaper Journalism (story or series/in print or online) ?

3. Magazine Journalism (story or series/in print or online) ?

4. Broadcast Journalism (story or series/at least 40 minutes in total length) Open to television, web TV, radio, podcast, and documentary film.

5. Web Journalism (publication/story or series/multimedia media project) Open to blogs, computer-assisted reporting, new investigative tools, mapping, crowd sourcing, and other multimedia media projects. Entries should feature a substantial text component.

6. Photojournalism (for a series of still photos, no single images) Entries in this category must include still photos, either alone, or as part of a multimedia package. For example, the winning entry of the 2011 Hillman Prize for Photojournalism featured still photos and web video.

7. Opinion Journalism (any medium) Includes all types of advocacy, opinion, and analysis, normally short-form and/or frequent, regardless of medium. Open to newspaper and magazine columnists, TV and radio presenters, podcasters, blogs, and bloggers.

If you are unsure about which category your work fits into, just go ahead and submit, and the foundation will determine the best category for it.

Winners will be announced in April 2012. Each winner is awarded travel to New York City to receive a $5,000 prize and a certificate designed by New Yorker cartoonist, Edward Sorel, at the awards ceremony and cocktail reception to be held Tuesday May 1, 2012.

Deadline: January 31 2012.

For rules and to apply please click here.