Nov 16

CCTV rebuts attack over report of monopoly probe

The war of words surrounding anti-monopoly investigations into two state-owned telecoms giants has escalated, with China Central Television hitting back at a newspaper report last week that criticised as unfounded and unprofessional its reporting of the probe.

The exchanges reveal acrimony between the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) – the central planning agency and a major enforcer of anti-monopoly measures – and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which supervises the telecommunications industry.

Web-based broadcaster China Network Television, CCTV’s official website, has been running special reports on the NDRC investigation into accusations that China Telecoms and China Unicom monopolise access to broadband services.

The reports include interviews with industry experts and documents from the two firms, including one marked “corporate secret”, which supported arguments that they abused their dominance.

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