Nov 02

New Book: The Media for Democracy Monitor – A Cross National Study of Leading News Media

Trappel, J., Nieminen, H., & Nord, L. (Eds.). (2011). The Media for Democracy Monitor: A Cross National Study of Leading News Media. Sweden: Nordicom

Mass Media are essential players in a democratic society. This book explores the concepts of freedom, equality, and control and argues that they “are the core fields of media performance in the service of democracy”(p.7). Chapter 1 by Josef Trappel looks at why democracy needs media monitoring, while chapter 2 by Andre Donk & Josef Trappel looks at the indicators and definitons of these dimensions of freedom, equality and control. Chapters 3 to 12 are country case studies that examine these dimensions and their indicators in Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. Chapter 13 is the last chapter that presents the conclusions from these studies and the pressures media face in living up to their responsibilities in democratic societies. Overall, it is a good research exercise that presents an updated perspective of the present scenario of the mass media in various democratic societies in terms of the three dimensions and their indicators.

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