Oct 25

A New Generation of Global Correspondents

Munk School of Global Affairs is seeking 10 outstanding people from around the world with specialist knowledge of their discipline, who want to lead the coverage of their disciplines in global media.

These aren’t ‘normal’ times for journalism, and this isn’t a normal journalism program. They need a new generation of correspondents who understand complex subjects as specialists, and who yearn to report on them across borders as journalists.

The Munk School of Global Affairs is awarding 10 Fellowships in Global Journalism to candidates who:

  • Have a graduate degree, or professional degree, or a few years’ work experience in their discipline
  • Have strong communications instincts
  • Are hungry to cover their disciplines as journalists for media around the world, in all platforms including print, on-line, broadcast and radio, full-time or part-time.

As a Fellow, you’ll spend eight months getting a unique, head start in journalism:

  • Reporting on your own discipline for major media.
  • Studying “Writing and Multiplatform News Presentation”, “Reporting and Research”, “Global Dynamics”, and “Entrepreneurship”
  • Receiving direct mentorship from your own “bureau chief”, an experienced journalist whose job it is to hone your skills and help launch your career
  • Attending a year-long series of lectures from leading journalists around the world.

When you finish, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Return to your profession, now able to cover your discipline part-time as a freelance journalist for media around the world in print, online, for television and radio; and with an outstanding knowledge of media that will add value to your professional work.
  • Become a ‘super-freelancer’, with the skills and relationships to sustain a career covering your discipline for a portfolio of media organizations around the world
  • Launch or lead a media business
  • Compete for a staff job with a media company that wants your unique mix of specialization, reporting experience, global understanding and business ability

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