Oct 24

Satellite and cable TV set for big jump in penetration

The penetration of cable and satellite television is expected to reach 80 per cent of the country’s 20-million households this year, according to the Satellite Television Association (Thailand).

Chairman Niphon Naksompop said last week that as many content producers had entered the cable and satellite television business throughout this year, penetration was growing faster than the previous projection of 50 per cent. This includes general cable television, TrueVisions and satellite TV operators. Content providers also kept upgrading programming quality as well as transmission technology. For example, True Visions launched its HD Plus Smart set-top box for its high-definition channels.

Cable TV operators formed Cable Television Holding (CTH) to build public awareness and raise funds from more than 100 members to import foreign content on a cost-sharing basis as well as provide selected packages to its members.

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