Sep 21

China begins to purge ‘vulgar’ shows from television

Super Girl, one of China’s most popular talent shows, has become the first major casualty of a new campaign to cleanse Chinese television of “vulgar” programming.

The show, produced by Hunan Satellite Television, attracted as many as 400 million viewers in its heyday to watch would-be pop stars sing off against each other.

However, a spokesman for the station said it would cancel Super Girl from next year’s schedule and instead replace the programme with “shows that promote moral ethics and public safety, and provide practical information for housework”.

The latest run of Super Girl began at the end of March with regional heats and finished last Friday with a three-hour finale.

However, the epic broadcast broke regulations banning entertainment shows from running for longer than two hours and from being screened during prime time.

Chinese state media said the State Administration of Film, Television and Radio (SARFT) was punishing Super Girl for overrunning its time slot by banning the show.

However, other observers said SARFT was commencing a new “anti-vulgarity” campaign to crack down on populist programming.

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