Jun 25

West and the Rest or Asia and the West?

West and the Rest or Asia and the West?

The 20th AMIC annual conference at it’s first day went to debate with three plenary sessions having representatives form Asia and the West.

The members after an years’ break were so such delighted to have met at Taj hotel Hyderabad for four days. The concerns of the day reflected after the thoughts provoked by the Chairperson and the Secretary General of AMIC, representatives from supporting organizations and by the special speakers at the inaugural address.

The Asian perspective ruled the morning session as the speakers focused ‘the media with Asian approach’ and withholding  cultural sensitivity; emphasizing de-westernization and let go with the comparison with the ‘West’ and anthropologising the media at all communication research  as the necessity. The unique reality of the cultures have to out throw the following of western theories which do not fit to the new media reality of the Asia and stop using the western standarding, because we lead to see only certain things from a certain perspective.  At the same time the forum recognized the contribution of the west to the media world yet carrying the same concept at international and the local media.


The world Bank representative, African origin speaker give a call to AMIC to initiate Asia- African communication, where the international communication is dominated by the European situation. The participants were rocked at the frantic media reality opened by the speakers of  media sanctity. It posed the continuing challenge in front of the AMIC to respond to the changing media trend of out focusing the public from the news.


20th AMIC conference