Jun 01


St. Louis, Missouri, August 9, 2011 9 a.m. to noon, Free and Open to All

Freedom of information laws are spreading around the world with more than 80 countries protecting the rights of citizens to access government information. But laws differ and the way they are applied even more so.

PANEL 1: freedom of Information As A Human Right/ 9 A.M.

A growing body of work makes the case that freedom of information is a human right necessary for individuals to live and govern.
Moderator: Charles Davis, Missouri Panelists: Cheryl Ann Bishop, Quinnipiac | Jane Kirtley, Minnesota | Gregory Magarian, Washington University in St. Louis

PANEL 2: Comparative/ Foreign Law Approach to FOI | 10 A.M.

Freedom of information laws and policies around the world are compared.
Moderator: Jeannine Relly, Arizona Panelists: Jane Kirtley, Minnesota, Europe and Eurasia FOI law | Nikhil Moro, North Texas, India’s law | Sundeep Muppidi, Hartford, Information policy in Singapore | Fassy Yusuf, University of Lagos, Information-access legislation in Nigeria and the movement on the continent of Africa

PANEL 3: The diffusion of FOI Legislationsin Latin America | 11 A.M.

FOI laws in countries in Latin America could affect government transparency in the western Hemisphere.
Moderator: Celeste Gonza?lez de Bustamante, Arizona Panelists: Rosental Alves, Texas at Austin | Manuel Chavez, Michigan State | Maria de los Angeles Flores, Texas A&M | Leonardo Ferreira, Miami | Sallie Hughes, Miami | Jeannine Relly, Arizona

The panels are co-sponsored by the International Communication Division and Law and Policy Division.