Apr 28

STAR increases ad rates by 20%

Advertisers may have to brace for an across-the-board rate increase in television advertising, as major TV broadcasters like Zee and Colors are looking to raise ad rates by 10-20 per cent. This decision was taken due to the increased investment in technology and growth in satellite TV audiences, adding to production and distribution costs.

STAR India has already increased its ad rates with immediate effect by 20 per cent across all its 33 channels, “STAR has achieved an unprecedented growth of 30 per cent in the last two years. The increase in ad rates was necessitated by spiralling cost of talent, increased investments in technology, advanced delivery and distribution platforms as well as increased production costs,” said STAR India Ad Sales President Kevin Vaz. The network recently announced the launch of five of its popular entertainment channels in high-definition format, among other such initiatives.

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