Mar 30

Broadcast course for journalists from developing countries

Deadline: 15/04/11

Journalists from developing countries are eligible for a broadcast journalism course on diversity in the Netherlands.

The course, sponsored by the Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC), aims to strengthen the capacity of broadcast journalists and organizations to research and report on diversity issues. It will focus on including marginalized groups in broadcast news stories and teaching journalists to discover and report on diversity.

The course, called “Discovering Diversity,” will emphasize hands-on learning and participants will attend sessions, workshops and go on a number of assignments on location. The program is open to media professionals from developing countries and countries in transition — about 50 qualify, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe — with at least three years experience and English proficiency.

Journalists have three options to cover the cost of the program: they or their organization can pay the tuition, they can find a grant here, or they can apply for a fellowship under the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). For more information about the NFP fellowships, click here.

For more information about the course, click here.