Sep 30

Internet filters for undesirable websites in Singapore

In a move to strengthen the ban on undesirable websites, the Singapore Government will direct internet service providers (ISPs) to provide internet filters to local users.

It expected the ISPs to market the service actively to parents at the point-of-sale and renewal, according to Singapore’s Information, Communications and the Arts Acting Minister Lui Tuck Yew today.

He was giving the government’s response to recent recommendations made by the Censorship Review Committee (CRC), which reviews content issues across all media and advises the government every 10 years.

In a press conference at the ministry here, the minister said although such filters were not 100% foolproof, they were still useful tools to enable parents and adults to limit access of the young to undesirable content, and help reinforce public education efforts to promote a culture of cyber wellness.

The government is currently banning 100 websites which include those that contain pornographic content, sites which incite racial and religious intolerance, and those which promote terrorism and extremism.

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